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What I do well

Freelance entrepreneurial solutions developer with over 15 years commercial experience working with some of the best companies in the world, Samsung UK, HTC, Phones4U, SimplyBiz and Argos to name a few.

I have a strong background in cloud based solutions including API development, expert level prototyping utilising Python and the Django Framework. I have a proven ability to understand and create web based software from scratch. I have built hundreds of web based applications, some that support millions of users for large corporations in use today.

I'm a contributor to open-source, free software and public speaker. I love to problem solve and look at every project from both a technical and business prospective.

Building to Scale

Comprehensive experience building web applications that scale to millions of users. If you have an application that needs to support an ever growing user base, get in touch!


Most of my work has been back-end development with Python using the Django Framework, although I have also worked extensively in JAVA, .NET and ColdFusion for many years.


Most projects require some sort of persistence storage. Django’s own API makes this easy, but I'm no stranger digging in deep with SQL/TSQL. I have optimised databases and code to store and query huge datasets.


I've experience in DevOps scaling to millions of users with AWS, RackSpace and Google Cloud. I've programmed parallel distributed systems using multiprocessing to support image processing. I have configured and scaled severs using Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn and more.


Above - My handsome boy Dawson

Software Developer, Nerd and Hard Working Problem Solver.

Freelance Django Developer with a passion for what I do. I enjoy development work on interesting or new start-up projects. I have experience architecting and building rapid applications for clients such as Samsung, HTC, SimplyBiz and Argos.

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"A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything."
An African proverb


Python (3.4/2.7), JAVA, RESTful APIs


HTML5, CSS, Sass, AngularJS, JQuery


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB


Nginx, Gunicorn, WSGI, Apache, IIS, Redis


Working with Glyn has been fantastic. His has a deep understanding of Amazon Web Services and real-world experience of deploying large, high volume applications across their infrastructure. Glyn is a very experienced Python, Django and Angular.js developer and picks up new skills very quickly. Glyn is also very good at managing client expectations, and a great communicator with his co-developers and I would happily recommend him for future work. - Howie Weiner - Senior Web Developer at BBC

Glyn is one of a kind, he is completely in a league of his own when it comes to turning complex technology and transforming ideas into ultra simple UX's for our clients customers. Outstanding developer. - Stephen Conway - Director MGM Mobile

Glynn is one of the few internet experts that can speak in English. Highly knowledgeable, experianced and articulate. Explain to Glyn what it is you think you want to achive and Glyn will take you back to basics and help you understand what you actually want to achieve, how to achive it and how to keep it achieved. A pleasure to work with. - Shaun Longstaff - Planner Western Power Distribution

Some of my work

HTC Specialist

HTC Specialist
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Lead developer tasked with architecting and then implementing a RESTful API for Staff incentive offers (HTC Specialist App).

  • Python 2.7.x Django Framework 1.6+
  • jQuery/Javascript and HTML5
  • Tastypie - API
  • Apache Server/mod_wsgi
  • Amazon AWS
  • RabbitMQ
  • Celery
>NHS Primary Care Trust

NHS Primary Care Trust


Argos Survey


HTC Specialist

R U Different
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I originally designed and developed the first iteration of an award winning Survey Engine ‘How well do you know your mates’. Today this survey engine has evolved into a nationwide survey and report system helping LAs (local authorities) and supporting intervention campaigns in Schools in the UK.

R U Different was built to scale, using a number of EC2 machines based on demand. Today, R U Different has collected over 4 million responses and gives real time reports to local authorities.

LiveWire Logo

LiveWire SMS
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Working for Gencia Media as the lead developer I helped develop LiveWire SMS in under just a few months.

Capable of supporting millions of messages per hour LiveWire was built using Django 1.6. It used Celery for asynchronous SMS queuing and uploading of contacts to a RDS database. Hosted and supported using AWS (Amazon Web Services) LiveWire SMS scaled based on user demand.

  • Python 2.7 Django Framework 1.6+
  • AngularJS/Javascript and HTML5
  • Tastypie - API
  • Celery
SimplyBiz Logo

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Lead developer and architect for Gencia Media on a 6 month project to redevelop a 10 year old legacy system used by thousands of their members. A huge task that involved over 25+ sites, and integrated platforms. Today I don’t have much involvement with the system, however the decisions I made to use MURA CMS has allowed them to keep the competitive edge and ease of development for many years to come.

  • Adobe ColdFusion 9+
  • Windows Server IIS7
  • AngularJS/jQuery/Javascript and HTML
  • MS SQL Server

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I'm available for hire

Have an interesting project that needs someone with experience in building rapid applications for large corporations that actually work? Want someone who knows how to build applications to the correct standards and design? I freelance, get in touch.

My current availability is limited due to new contractual commitments.

Glyn Jackson
Manchester, UK